28 February 2013

First Giveaway!

Hey folks, I am excited to announce my first giveaway featuring this blog! If I can reach 750 followers on my facebook blog page, I will be giving one lucky follower a Home 12th man Seahawks Jersey! I was fortunate enough to receive a few new Hawk jerseys, and instead of hoarding them all, I would like to give it to another loyal Seahawk fan. (The jersey does say FAN, not SEAHAWKS.)

UPDATE: Just realized I've been excluding Mariner fans from the contest, so new addition! If the page can reach 450 followers, I will send someone either a New Era Seattle Mariners hat or a retro snapback M's hat, winner's choice! Same rules apply.

The rules are quite simple.
1. Like the blog page.
2. Share the status mentioning the giveaway.
3. Continue to like and show the page!
Note: If you haven't liked the page and shared the status, you don't qualify.

Once I reach 750 followers, I will randomly select five sharers. Out of the five, the person who was able to share it the most will win the jersey! I will then contact you, get your address, and ship the jersey to you, free of charge!

Couldn't be any easier! I would really like to get this blog moving forward, as I am passionate about Seattle sports teams and their fans!

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26 February 2013

Facebook Requests!

I would definitely like to make this blog appeal to the audience, as y'all are the reason I blog in the first place. Every now and then I will take requests off of facebook and talk about. I will try and honor every request, no matter how silly or ridiculous, as long as it has to do with the Mariners or the Seahawks. With that in mind, let's try this!

First request, was (no lie) either kittens, puppies, or baby goats. Yeah, safe to say I'm friends with some interesting people on Facebook...

Moving on. The Mariners bringing in the fences! Ahh much better. As you can see with the picture to the right, Seattle has brought the outfield fence in from anywhere at 4 ft to 16 ft. In 2012, at home, the Mariners were ranked LAST (30th) in the MLB in Runs, Hits, and Average, while ranking 27th in Homeruns. In contrast, away from Seattle, they were 8th in runs, 13th in hits, 6th in homeruns, and 19th in average. It doesn't seem fair that other home fans get to see the best of Seattle's hitters, but thats been the case. With the fences coming in, right handed hitters will see the most improvement. The old left field fence included the scoreboard, reaching 16 ft high. With it brought in, the fence is now 4 ft closer and 8 ft shorter. Players like Jesue Montero and Michael Morse (should) benefit from it. As exciting as it is, I'm hesitant. Even with the fences in, Seattle has one of the largest outfields in the game. While it should help boost our offensive numbers slightly, the Safe is still a pitchers paradise.

More Mariner news, this time focusing on Seattle's ability to pick up players past their prime. Off the top of my head, I can see Richie Sexson, Jeff Cirillo (a real jerk), Raul Ibanez, Jason Bay, Scott Spezio, Chone Figgins, Rich Aurilia, Jarrod Washburn, Jose Vidro, Carols Silva, and Ken Griffey the second time. What do seven of these players have in common? Bill Bavasi, easily one of the most moronic GM's in professional sports history. I mean, the guy must have blacked out for four years of his life offering the likes of Jose Vidro and Scott Spezio the kind of contracts he did. Now that we have Jack Zduriencik, you'd think it'd be over. Griffey was a publicity stunt, get more fans in. While I have, for the most part, supported Jack Z's decisions, the Jason Bay thing still shocks me. All I can hope is that he sees something that we don't, and Bay's first at bat as a Mariner was a homerun, so maybe, just maybe, we will get out of this funk.

Last but not least, Richard Sherman vs. Darrelle Revis. I am biased, obviously, but I will never debate one of the Seahawks as the best if they truly weren't. Sherman is the best cornerback in the league, period. Look at the stats, look at the film. Nobody wants to throw to him, but they also have to deal with Brandon Browner. Numbers don't lie. In 1.5 years, Sherman has already surpassed Revis in forced fumbles, and is only 7 interceptions away. Plus, the last good season Revis had was in 2009. Look, Revis is good. But what did he do in 2012? Sherman did it. I love John Elway, he was the best quarterback in 1997, but I'll take Peyton Manning in 2012 over John Elway in 2012. This year, Sherman was better. Next year, let the two prove theirselves on the field.

I really enjoyed hearing what y'all wanted to talk about, and hope I covered it. If not, make sure to comment and let's talk! If you do have something you'd like me to talk about, don't hesitate to let me know!

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21 February 2013

Offseason Predictions: Defense

On to the defense I go, in hopes to figure out how to strengthen and predict what will happen to the Seattle defense this offseason. I was questioned earlier about the positional needs of the Seahawks and a recommendation or possibility of picks in this years draft. In case you missed it, the offensive predictions can be seen here.

The biggest problem I have with it is my ignorance of salary cap and disregard for such. I like to go into Madden mode, turn off cap, and sign every free agent to an unnecessary and unwarranted contract just so my team can be the best. With that  in mind, as I go through each position, I will talk about the year in review, the state of the position, what I would like to see happen in the draft and free agency, and what I believe will actually happen. With all that said, let's finish up with the defense!

Quick thought: Why did Seattle lose to Atlanta in the playoffs? Better yet, what hurt Seattle during the regular season? Answer: The defense. This is not going to make me popular among Seahawk fans, but I feel like the defense was a big reason our season didn't turn out as good as it could. Granted, as I've stated BEFORE, we have arguably one of the best. But a little extra depth would have helped. I can look back at games against Miami, Detroit, and Atlanta to prove this point. Now, I'm not saying our D is to be fully blamed for any loss, but they need to take it personal. Injuries late in the year to DE Jason Jones and DE Chris Clemons didn't help, but I can only hope that Seattle improves on the little things.

Defensive Line:
Year in Review: It was a tale of two halves for the Seattle D-Line. During the first eight games, they lead the league in rushing yards against. Just like the year before, virtually nobody could run on the Hawks. Also, anybody remember a certain Green Bay game? Eight sacks in the first half. EIGHT. With DE Jason Jones, DE Chris Clemons, DT Alan Branch, DT Brandon Mebane, and DT Red Bryant, Seattle has one of the more talented d-lines in the league. Add rookies DE Bruce Irvin and DT Greg Scruggs and Jaye Howard, Seattle can rest assure that they have talent. What happened, however, was they stopped pressuring the quarterback. They stopped getting sacks, and in turn, a few games were lost. Late injuries to DE Jason Jones and DE Chris Clemons hurt badly.

State of Position: It is going to be an interesting offseason for this group, and probably will be the most important issue to address. DT Alan Branch and DE Jason Jones are both becoming free agents this offseason, and re-signing them is a must. Branch will be affordable in terms of resigning, as 2012 was less productive than 2011 and other DT free agents will demand much more. DE Jason Jones is an issue because of durability. Seattle might be able to resign him for much less than anticipated. Chris Clemons' knee injury is a huge issue, as it was a total ACL tear. That tends to be a 12 month recovery, and his production next year will reflect it. The rest of the D-line are held to contract, and I don't see any trades or cuts to the players mentioned above.

What I Would Like to See: I would love to see the Hawks resign Branch and Jones to small one-year contracts. Wouldn't mind seeing Clemons go to that doctor that worked on Adrian Peterson either, but I digress. In terms of free agents, names like DT Desmond Bryant, DT Richard Seymour, DE Dwight Freeney, and DE Osi Umenyiora all intrigue me. Bryant, a Raider, recorded a sack in the final four weeks of the season, something Seattle struggled doing. Seymour throughout his career has been disruptive to both the run and the pass, an addition I feel like would help to motivate and mentor some of the younger d-linemen. Freeney and Umenyiora both intrigue me, but I see only one coming. Both are older and coming off weaker seasons. Because they are old, I could see them trying to sign with Seattle and have a chance to win some games and a trophy or two. I like Umenyiora a little better due to his athleticism, but I would be happy with either one. In terms of the draft, I see Seattle taking the 25th pick overall as a lineman. Either DT John Hankins from Ohio State, DE Sam Montgomery from LSU, or DE Datone Jones from UCLA. Personally, I'd like to see either Hankins or Jones, but that's just me.

What I Plan on Seeing: As much as it absolutely pains me to type this, I don't see Jason Jones being resigned with Seattle. His durability is an issue, and I see another team offering him more money than the Hawks will. In terms of free agency, I believe Seattle will resign Branch. I believe they will pick up a couple of free agents, with only one being mentioned above. My thinking has Seattle signing Umenyiora. I can't see Oakland getting rid of both Seymour AND Bryant, and if Seattle were to get one or both, it would be through a trade for draft picks. If Seattle does draft a lineman, which I feel will be an absolute, it will be either Hankins or Jones. I also expect them to pick up a few in the later rounds.

Year in Review: Probably the biggest story in the Seattle defense not named Thomas, Chancellor, Sherman, or Browner was MLB Bobby Wagner. As a rookie, he lead Seattle in total tackles and barely lost out to Carolina LB Luke Kuelchy for Defensive Rookie of the Year. The only player on the team to beat out Wagner in tackles for loss was LB K.J. Wright, another young and tenacious Seattle backer. Leroy Hill split time with Malcolm Smith for the third LB position, both playing pretty decently. Shout out to MLB Heath Farwell, listed as a linebacker on the roster but primarily a special teams player. He's the special teams captain and very fun to watch.

State of Position: Hill is the only free agent, and he will definitely not be back following another arrest. Wagner and Wright will anchor this defense in 2013, and Smith will compete against any free agent pick ups, as well as LB Allen Bradford and Mike Morgan.

What I Would Like to See: With Hill gone, Seattle is going to have to better the young linebackers on the roster. In terms of free agency, I've heard on the radio that Dannell Ellerbe might be targeted. While he's a good player, if Seattle wants to get him, they will have to pay more than I would like to see. Same goes for Bart Scott, recently released by the Jets to open up some cap space. I would like Seattle to sign them, but only for cheaper contracts. The draft could be the best place for Seattle to replenish their linebacking corps, and if, and I mean IF, Mante Te'o falls to the second or third round, I would love to see Seattle pick him up,

What I Plan on Seeing: I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hawks get rid of Hill and draft a couple linebackers. No free agent will be worth the money they ask from Seattle, so don't expect a huge splash there. They will take at least two draft picks at linebacker, with Te'o being a stretch. This team has a lot of good young talent, and I expect to see them develop and use it in 2013.

Secondary Legion of Boom:
Year in Review: Referred to as the meanest, most athletic, least desirable to play secondary in the league, the secondary, also known lovingly as "The Legion of Boom" (LOB), had quite the year. They finished the year ranked 6th in passing yards allowed, 4th in opponent yards per attempt, and 3rd in opponent passer rating, all with little to no quarterback pressure. The emergence of Richard Sherman as one of the best corners in the league was great to see, and the man has a sort of swagger that he can actually back up. Safety Earl Thomas, after a slow start, has proven again and again why he is the heart and soul of the LOB. The smallest, but probably smartest, player on the field, Thomas is known for clutch interceptions and never missing a tackle. Corner Brandon Browner and Safety Kam Chancellor the two hardest hitting at their positions, ask Vernon Davis and Wes Welker to testify. Corners Walter Thurmond, Marcus Trufant, Jeremy Lane, and Byron Maxwell all played a decent amount and only added to the optimism of the future of this secondary. If 2012 was any indication, the NFL is looking at possibly the greatest secondary since the '76 Steel Curtain.

State of Position: Does perfect count? Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, and Browner are all in contract years this year. Expect to see Chancellor sign an extension either this offseason or during the year, as Seattle doesn't want to lose him in the upcoming offseason. The only free agents on this squad will be CB Marcus Trufant and Safety Chris Maragos. I see Seattle resigning Maragos for his speed and knowledge of the defense, and they will more than likely let Trufant go. He has lost a step, and players like Thurmond, Maxwell, and Lane are more than able to step into the nickel position.

What I Would Like to See: I want to see them resign every player on this squad to 7 year extensions. While that won't happen, I hope to see Chancellor sign his extension before the season begins, as to get rid of any possible distraction. I don't see Seattle picking up and free agents or drafts unless to provide depth, as the starting lineup is definitely solidified.

What I Plan on Seeing: Like I said above, the only way I see Seattle picking up a free agent or drafting a player is for depth, something in which they are not lacking. Don't expect much secondary news, unless it includes Sherman having another Twitter battle with another player.

Obviously I believe Seattle has one of the best, if not the best, defense in the league. You give up only 15.9 points a game and you'll expect to be pretty successful. Hopefully with a good draft and a few good free agent signings, it won't even be debatable next year.

MATT FLYNN UPDATE: Love the guy. GM John Schneider today has mentioned that he will listen to offers on the back up quarterback, but he expects Flynn to stay in Seattle for 2013. The nicest part about Flynn is he is unlike the Alex Smith saga in San Francisco; a team trying to rid him due to money. Flynn is affordable for Seattle, and unless the right  offer is made, expect your purchase of that Matt Flynn jersey you bought when the new jerseys came out to be relevant for another year.

Mariner fans, do not fret! Their first Spring Training game is tomorrow, so news will start coming!!!

19 February 2013

Offseason Predictions: Offense

You asked, and shall receive. I was questioned about the positional needs of the Seahawks and a recommendation or possibility of picks in this years draft.

The biggest problem I have with it is my ignorance of salary cap and disregard for such. I like to go into Madden mode, turn off cap, and sign every free agent to an unnecessary and unwarranted contract just so my team can be the best. With that in mind, as I go through each position, I will talk about the year in review, the state of the position, what I would like to see happen in draft and free agency, and what I believe will actually happen. With all that said, let's start with the offense!

Year in Review: The NFL was lucky enough to watch the emergence of Russell Wilson, and the Seahawks fans were lucky enough to profit from it. As I've talked about before, there has never been a quarterback as electric as Wilson has been in Seattle, and that causes plenty of praise. The guy ties the NFL rookie touchdowns for a regular season with 26, and actually beat the record with a total of 29 including the playoffs (Payton Manning didn't reach the playoffs his rookie year.) The acquisition of Matt Flynn caused great excitement in Seattle, and his demotion caused a bit of controversy until Wilson turned it on later in the season. Both very good quarterbacks, I would even argue that Seattle has the Strongest 1-2 quarterback system in the league.

State of Position: Wilson and Flynn are both signed long term, which is great. The only debate is whether or not Seattle tries to get rid of Flynn. He makes $7.5 million next year, and it can be argued that Seattle can use those funds for adding a free agent later on. I don't see Seattle shipping Flynn off unless they are able to get a good enough deal for him. Read HERE for more information.

What I Would Like to See: Honestly depends on the situation. If they keep Flynn, I would like to see absolutely nothing change. This is a great group and it would be stupid to change it. If Flynn leaves, I would like to see the Hawks add Matt Barkley, as his stock continues to fall after a sub-par senior year. Pete Carroll has stated how much he likes Barkley, and if Seattle were to draft a QB, I would like to see it be him. If they don't draft Barkley, I wouldn't mind seeing them sign free agent Josh Johnson, a competent back up who is only 2 years older than Wilson, just as fast, and has a good arm.

What I Plan on Seeing: If Matt Barkley falls in the draft, don't be surprised to see Seattle pick him up. If not, I would be surprised if they draft a rookie quarterback. Free agency looks to be the biggest idea, but only if Flynn leaves.

Running Backs/ Fullbacks:
Year in Review: Having one of the best running backs in the league doesn't hurt (Man, I'm able to say most Seahawks are the best at their position.. so cool.) Marshawn Lynch was able to rush for 1590 yards this season, good for third best in the league. NOTE: Adrian Peterson doesn't really count as a person, the dude is a machine, and Washington's Alfred Morris, while good, benefited from running with RGIII. Rookie Robert Turbin showed glimpses of being Seattle's future running back and was able to take a decent amount of the load, keeping Lynch fresher later in the season. Leon Washington, although listed as a RB, is much more of a returner than back. Didn't record a carry this season. Fullback Michael Robinson is not only a fan favorite, but lead the way for Lynch to have the year he had. Dangerous on third down, very athletic.

State of Position: Lynch's health is concerning, as it's always listed as a back injury. He might not have missed much of the year, but back injuries on a running back that looks for contact can be pretty bad. Hoping for a good offseason to heal up and return healthy. As I stated above in the review, Seattle is in great position. No player becomes a free agent, and all should be returning for the 2012 season.

What I Would Like to See: Absolutely nothing. No draft prospect or free agent excites me enough to hope for them to come to Seattle. I do, however, hope that Lynch is able to get healthy and come back stronger for next year.

What I Plan to See: Nothing here in terms of free agency and the draft. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends:
Year in Review: Coming from the team that signed Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards last offseason, Seattle was able to have a strong showing from the WR corps. Sidney Rice was finally able to stay healthy for a full year and was able to solidify his #1 spot on the depth chart. Golden Tate finally showed sparks of what he was in Notre Dame, a playmaker with the ability to run after the catch. Doug Baldwin caught fire as Wilson did in the middle of the year after his injury. Jermaine Kearse was able to get some snaps towards the end of the season and showed that with some more time, he too can be a legitimate NFL WR. As for tight ends, the only two worth mentioning in terms of production are Zach Miller (good game against ATL, huh?) and Anthony McCoy.

State of Position: The only free agents are WR Deon Butler, signed in week 17, and TE Cameron Morrah. Next year will be a make or break year for Baldwin and Tate, and Rice will need to prove that he can go more than one full year totally healthy. Zach Miller is getting older, so the need for another good receiving tight end is a must. McCoy needs to prove that he can be the answer.

What I Would Like to See: I would like to see Seattle pick up both a WR and TE in either the draft or free agency. Folks would like to see Percy Harvin or Mike Wallace signed as free agent WRs, but I don't see their cost being worth what they will be able to produce. Neither player will play well enough to justify such a ridiculous amount of cash on a team that is not in dire need of a WR. Instead, seeing that the Chiefs just released Steve Breaston, I wouldn't mind the Hawks pursuing him. He's still relatively young at 29, great hands, and I remember watching him at Michigan (Yeah so what if I was a freshman in high school, it counts!) In terms of TE, I would be ecstatic is San Fran didn't resign Delanie Walker. The guy is a tough blocker, faster than snot, and runs great routes. If they choose to draft, I would like to see Stanford TE Zach Erte. Dude can catch and block. Oh, and Tony Gonzalez would be cool too. And Gronk.

What I Plan on Seeing: It wouldn't surprise me to see Erte drafted by Seattle. A WR that would be a good pick for Seattle in the draft would be Deandre Hopkins from Clemson. Fast, big, and can make plays. If we pick up a free agent WR, I don't think it will be a HUGE name like Wallace or Harvin, but a name more like Breaston. Coach Carroll has a knack for picking up players that might not be the best in the world and making them great. If San Fran doesn't resign Delanie Walker, I would be surprised if he signed anywhere but Seattle.

Offensive Line:
Year in Review: If you play Madden a lot, you would assume Seattle has one of the worst O-Lines in the league, which simply isn't true. We had two pro-bowlers in Russell Okung and Max Unger. We had the emergence of Breno Giacomini as one of the meanest linemen in the game. J.R. Sweezy, John Moffitt, Paul McQuistan, and James Carpenter all played a good amount of snaps this year. Look at how the offense played. This line blocked for a 1590 yard rusher and a QB who threw for 29 touchdowns. Not too shabby.

State of Position: No free agents this year, which is always a good thing. Russell Okung and Max Unger both finally showed why they deserved high draft picks, and I see them only improving as long as they stay healthy. Giacomini sure would be better liked if the late whistles on him stopped, but it's hard to argue against a guy who few people want to line up against. Sweezy, Moffitt, Carpenter, and McQuistan all need to improve in the offseason. Whether it was injury or lack of playing time, this offseason for these players will say a lot about how well the Seahawks will play next year.

What I Would Like to See: Can we get Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson back, circa 2005? Huh, we can't? Bummer. Well in that case, I would just like to see improvements from the above mentioned so there can be more flow and trust on the line.

What I Plan on Seeing: I don't see Seattle picking up any free agent linemen to start for them, so no big splashes here. We might see them pick up one later on in the draft, but much bigger holes need to be filled in the draft.

PHEW. And that was only the offense. Next post I will focus on our beloved defense and what I hope to see them do in the draft.

Mariner fans, don't despair! I will start focusing on the M's as the season progresses and big news surfaces. Until then, Go Hawks!

17 February 2013

Matt Flynn, Mariners Prediction

At quick glance, it might seem that this blog is more football biased than anything. While it is say to say that currently there is more for me to say on the Hawks than the Mariners, the baseball news will increase drastically as the season begins. Plus, I'm just way too excited for the next football season due to the Hawks impressive run last year. So sue me!

One of the biggest offseason questions for the Seahawks will be QB Matt Flynn. Should Seattle cut him, trade him, or keep him?
Poor Flynn. Going from the "Savior" of the Seahawks following his 3 year $19.5 million signing, with $10 million guaranteed. Instead, some guy named Russell Wilson took the spot, and the rest is history. If Seattle were to keep him, they would owe Flynn $7.5 million of their cap room, and if they somehow get rid of him, they will still owe $4 million in cap. Granted, he's a backup, but Flynn has proved time and time again throughout camp, the preseason, and practices that he's a very talented player. Keeping him wouldn't make too much sense, as backups shouldn't make 3 times the starter makes, but he would be arguably the best back up available.
Instead, trading Flynn would make the most sense. With former Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley leaving to head coach for the Jaguars, it seems plausible that Jacksonville might be a possible spot. If not, the New York Jets might (as the days go on, I see this chance falling and falling) take a chance at trading for Flynn. They hired former Seahawks VP John Idzik and he knows how good Flynn has been.
While the debate rages, I personally want him to stay. If, knock on wood, something were to happen to RW3, Flynn is more than capable of coming in and doing good work. While money is a premium, I see the Seahawks entertaining offers for Flynn, and if he leaves, possibly drafting a quarterback to follow Russ.

Regarding my previous post about the possibility of signing Percy Harvin, I have read an interesting and very possible trade including Matt Flynn for Harvin. It makes sense with Christian Ponder's struggles in Minnesota on top of Harvin's distaste for the quarterback. (UPDATE) Of course after I post, I read on scout.com that Vikings GM Rick Spielman stated in a press conference:
“We have no intent of trading Percy Harvin. Percy Harvin is under contract and we expect him, just like all of our players under contract, to be here." Welp, there goes my idea!

Now for my beloved Mariners.

How about a season prediction?! Let's see how I do at the end of the year.
2012 Seattle Mariners, 4th Place AL West (75-87)

Notable Acquisitions: 1B Kendry Morales, 1B Mike Jacobs, 2B Robert Andino, C Kelly Shoppach, OF Raul Ibanez, OF Jason Bay, OF Michael Morse, P Joe Saunders, P Jeremy Bonderman, P Jon Garland.
I would be much more excited for Bay, Ibanez, Bonderman, Saunders, and Garland if this were like five years ago. While Seattle is really good at getting players out of their prime, I can see Ibanez or Bay filling in to the DH spot and making a decent impact (moreso for Ibanez than Bay..) Morse and Morales are both underrated bats that can come in and do some damage, especially with the treacherous Safeco walls coming in.

Notable Losses: Utility Chone Figgins, OF Trayvon Robinson, C John Jaso, C Miguel Olivo, P Jason Vargas, P George Sherrill, P Shawn Kelley, P Kevin Millwood.
I'm not too sad about losing these players. Chone Figgins needed to be gone years ago. Vargas was good, but the upside we can get with Morales is definitely worth the trade, seeing how Seattle has a top 3 farm system and arguably the best pitching farm system. Jaso was one of my favorite Mariners last year, so seeing him leave was a bit of a bummer.

Overall, Seattle didn't make nearly the splash in free-agency that the fans have desperately wanted to see. Instead, they are drafting and molding players in their farm systems. It's a good way, but it needs to be proven this year or next. If Seattle struggles again, we could see an entire organizational reshuffle... again. Kyle Seager was a bright spot last year, and he needs to keep up the hot bat to keep this team competitive. Ackley, Montero, and Smoak are all going to be under extreme scrutiny this year after the last few ones. Ackley struggled mightly, but I wouldn't be surprised to see his upside show and improvements at the plate happen. Poor Smoak, the dude was traded for Cliff Lee. Yes, that Cliff Lee. He needs to show what the Mariners saw in him a few years ago to stay on this team. 
In terms of pitching, it all starts and ends with King Felix Hernandez. If Felix gets hurts, the season is basically over, (Show me a player that means more to his organization.) If he's healthy, Seattle can continue their pitching successes.

My prediction for 2013.
For the first time since 2009 and fourth since 2003, the Seattle Mariners are going to have a winning record. Now, before y'all crucify me, realize that in 2002 they won 93 games and ended up third. The AL West is arguably the most competitive league in baseball, and it will show. I see the Angels doing what they did last year, spend a lot and not make the playoffs. The Rangers will be interesting, as they have lost a good chunk of what has made them so successful over the last few years. The A's are always going to be a tough opponent, but I don't see them surprising teams like they did last year. The Astros... Wait a second, I forgot we have the Astros in the AL West now! GOODBYE last place! The 'stros are the 'stros. Can't wait to play them.
In a perfect world where Seattle stays healthy, the players play to their potential (I'm dreaming aren't I?), and the rest of the league does what I think it will do, the Mariners can end up with a winning record. I don't predict playoffs, but I definitely see them competing for the next couple of years.
2013 Mariners Prediction: 3rd Place AL West (85-77).

As with always, love my Mariners, love my Seahawks, and love my Seattle.

13 February 2013

Hawks Offseason, Brief Mariner Buzz

Can you feel it? I mean, it's been what, almost 8 years since the last time anything resembling excitement happened in the Emerald City? It's been overdue, (Sorry Chicago, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Diego, etc. fans...) but it's so, so sweet.

What I happen to be rambling about is our Seattle Seahawks. A third round quarterback that in all reality should have won Rookie of the year. A defense that has been regarded as the most feared defense to face. A running back who causes earthquakes, and a homefield that supplies them. The disappointing loss to Atlanta only fuels this fire, and boy it's been fun to be a part of it. The biggest question heading into the offseason isn't if they can do it again, but who will they add or subtract. As a very biased fan, I would be content with adding absolutely nobody and resigning everyone. While that wouldn't be very smart, my Madden gameplay sure would like it.

Everyone seems to be talking about Percy Harvin as a possible acquisition this offseason. Not only do I hate the idea, I am 90% sure it won't happen. Harvin is a player that will demand top dollar to play, and although Seattle has the money, the absolute need for wide receiver isn't there to pay the man. Tate, Baldwin, Rice and company have all played well enough to possibly keep the core and perhaps draft a WR for the minimum salary. Not saying Harvin isn't a ridiculous player, I just don't see the Hawks paying the money. Also, the Vikings are trying to trade him, and one can only imagine the asking price. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have been draft wizards, so I would be surprised if they tried sending out picks for him. Just don't see Harvin donning a Hawks jersey next year.

I saw an article where Monte Kiffin, the Cowboys' new defensive coordinator, mention that he plans on making the Dallas defense resemble the Seattle defense. When was the last time a Seattle group was commended so much that other teams wish they could be them? My only advice to Kiffin, "good luck man." Why?

Defensive numbers in 2012, NFL Rank in parenthesis. Stats provided by ESPN.com
                                                 Seattle:                                Dallas:
Yards Given Up:                      4899 (4th)                           5687 (19th)
Passing Yards Given Up:      3250 (6th)                            3684 (19th)
Rushing Yards Given Up:      1649 (10th)                           2003 (22nd)
Points Allowed Per Game:   15.3 (1st)                               25.0 (24th)

The most important stat is obviously points allowed per game. I could care less if Seattle was the worst team in terms of yardage, as long as they win the points game. Dallas, see they ranked about as far back as they could without being called the Cleveland Browns. Oh wait, Cleveland ranked 19th in points allowed... weird. Now, it's understandable that you want to emulate the best team, that makes sense. But Kiffin, you have a few years to go before you can mention Seattle's defense in the same sentence as the Dallas defense, without saying "Seattle's is CLEARLY better than ours, like we have no business even mentioning them."

But, like I said, it's cool finally getting some attention.

In Mariners news, Felix finally put pen to paper on his new contract extension. Very exciting, especially how dedicated he is to the Mariners. That says a lot about the type of person and player he is. Sure am glad he didn't LeBron it and leave for South Beach. As more news of his contract come out, I will be sure to comment on it.

Spring Training has begun, and as it continues I will makes sure to comment on the roster. Bummer we didn't make much of a splash in the offseason (Jason Bay would have been cool like 6 years ago, and Morales might be something later on) but as long as Houston is now in the AL West, I can confidently say last place isn't where Seattle will land.

Bold prediction: LA Angels will be overrated, much like last year. Look at the Lakers this year, I don't care who you sign, on paper is a whole different thing than on field. Should be interesting.

Excited to see how the offseason plays out for the Hawks, excited to see how Spring Training ends up for the Mariners. Gotta love this city!

12 February 2013


Not only does the idea of blogging regularly give me a small sense of dread, but being able to do so effectively and in a timely manner also seems to give me apprehension. But, as they say, the show must go on. With that in mind:

My goals for this blog is to give bi-weekly updates on the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks, focusing on players, standings, transactions, and any news that comes up during the year. I will attempt to add images, videos, and statistics as they become relevant to the post. I will also be adding my personal opinions in the blogs, as I hope to bring up discussion and enjoy others talking about the two best teams in professional sports!

With this, the first post, I plan on throwing up a video on what I consider the greatest secondary in the NFL. Our beloved Legion of Boom, featuring Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Brandon Browner!

Isn't it beautiful? Great secondary, can't wait til the preseason!

In Mariners news, it's finally baseball season! What better news than getting King Felix's extension finalized?! It's a lot of money, yes. But for what the man means to Seattle, I see very little wrong with it. I would like to see the fine details in the contract regarding his elbow, possible injury, and guaranteed money due. But, for all I know right now, it's exciting for Seattle!

I hope to see this blog turn into something special. Love the Seahawks, love the Mariners, and most important, love Seattle!