19 May 2013

NFL Uniform Rankings

What a crazy month it has been, and I can only tell it'll get busier. Recently, I was fortunate enough to graduate from college and am about to embark on a two week trip to the UK. While this site has been virtually at a stand still of late, I am hoping for it to be getting back to regular posts by July at the latest! Appreciate the following and the support, I look forward to continuing this site!

NFL Uniform Rankings:
As a huge fan of uniforms, I rarely stop looking for news and updates on uniforms from all sports. My criteria for a good uniform? Good colors, good helmet, good font and simplistic detailing. I don't like when there is too much going on, and I'm a sticklier for tradition. These rankings are a combination of the team's colors and their home and away uniforms. While I might love a home uni, if the road one is weak, the team will fall in my rankings. Also, personal bias of the team is ignored. As much as I hate the 49ers and Packers, they look pretty good. With all that in mind, here are Marihawks first annual NFL Uniform rankings!

32. Cincinnati Bengals: While I don't mind their helmets, colors, or overall scheme, I absolutely can't stand the white stripe on the side of the jerseys. Also not a fan of the kindergarten number font or the fact that they can't seem to choose if black or orange is their primary color. I can appreciate having both, but use one as a rare alternate.
31. Tennessee Titans: So, so ugly. Baby blue, navy blue, red. Stripe on the top of the jersey looks way too generic. Remember playing Madden 2002-2008 and making a team? All the jerseys were really generic, and Tennessee seems to have chosen one of those templates. Too generic, looks like a child made them.
30. Arizona Cardinals: Went from one of the best looking uniforms to one of the worst. The random striping, awkward colors spots, and strange grey facemask just don't work well together. Their black alternate is one of the worst in the game. Hopefully they're coming up with something new.
29. New England Patriots: Ugly uniform. The only reason people like it, or they've kept it, was because of their sucessess. The side stripes don't match and the templates look very dated. If it weren't for Brady and company, these probably would have been scrapped years ago.
28. Atlanta Falcons: Too crazy. Unnecessary striping and picking the wrong color as their permanent home. Look, Falcons are black, so this team should be wearing their black at home. Instead, they chose red, and stand at 28. Their throwbacks with the red striped socks are easily the best in the league, so maybe, just maybe, they should wear them more.
27. Carolina Panthers: These aren't horrible, but definitely need an upgrade. This isn't 1996 anymore, an upgrade would help this team. They've already updated their logo and wordmark, why not the uniforms? Keep the Carolina Blue and Black, emphasize more of the blue. Take away silver and put it as an outline color.
26. St. Louis Rams: If they wore their royal blue and yellow jerseys, the Rams would be top 3 easy. But sadly, they look like absolute crap. The stripes don't work, and they rely on all blue way too much. Start wearing the gold pants more, and they would be higher. Scrap it all and go oldschool? They'd be a gorgeous looking football team.
25. New Orleans Saints: Not enough going on. Generic uniforms. All-black looks bad, black pants with black socks looks stupid. Add some striping around and they'd look much better. Heck, just wearing their "gold" pants would look better. They've started wearing the gold more, but until it's the only pants they wear, the Saints will be ranked poorly.
24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Red, Pewter, and Black were cool ten years ago. Another example of an ehhh uniform looking good due to wins. This uniform just screams update needed. Kudos for having original colors, but the uni needs a little upgrade to make it look better.
23. Dallas Cowboys: Look, I get it's an iconic uniform, but honestly, how hard is it to make sure your colors match throughout the uniform? Their helmet is silver and navy blue, their jerseys are royal blue. The pants aren't silver, but a bluish tint, with royal. Their blue uni's match, but they wear them maybe once a year. Not great.
22. Jacksonville Jaguars: Wow. Just wow. Much better than what they were wearing, but these new uni's miss pretty badly. First, the best Jaguars jerseys were teal, but incorporated gold. These, try, but miss. I like the number font, but those helmets are the ugliest things to happen to the NFL. Here is the best example of play like a college team, look like one.
21: New York Giants: I am a huge fan of their home uniforms. They are clean and look classic. What puts them at 21 is their roads. The all red jerseys look lazy. Add some blue to the numbers and stripes, add blue socks, and they'd look dramatically better. Until then, ehh.
20. San Diego Chargers: The powder blue is ugly and doesn't belong on an NFL field. I like the homes, but hate hate hate the aways. Never a fan of matching socks with pants, and the stripe looks forced. Also, put a little more blue on the helmets. Thankfully they've removed the stupid partial neckline white, so it'll look a bit better this year.

19. New York Jets: What can be said about the Jets that hasn't been said before? Not a horrible uniform, but not classic either. Hate the random stripe. It's a very forgettable piece, and their logo is far too generic. I appreciate the use of only green and white, and think it works. But, the logo sucks and the all-green sucks
18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Look, these aren't bad uniforms. I appreciate that they're classic, and have only one request. Make the shoulder sleeves full and match each player. But, when a college team looks just like you, you probably won't go to high on an NFL uniform ranking... just sayin.
17. Oakland Raiders: Another uniform that looks good enough that I wouldn't touch. But just because it's a classic look doesn't make it the best in the NFL. I wouldn't hate to see the Raiders play around with some shoulder or sock striping, just to see if you can refine the look.
16. Denver Broncos: This one pains me a bit. I've always liked the all-whites, and really miss the blue tops. But, in Denver, Orange is king, and I can respect that. Get an entire new uniform template and make it happen. Until then, these jerseys were meant to be dark blue. I wouldn't hate an entire throwback, but I digress.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Love the helmet, and probably always will. What I am not a fan of, however, is the green. I have always loved the old Eagles' colors, and think moving back to a brighter green would make these uniforms look much much better.
14. Baltimore Ravens: I appreciate that they wear purple and black, they look good together. The only issues I have are the black pants. First off, they look in need of a stripe. Second, the black socks with the black pants makes it look like players are wearing leotards. Change it, become top 10.
13. Indianapolis Colts: I've always been partial to these uniforms. I love the colors, the logo, the striping, and pants. Honestly, I don't think I'd change a thing to these uniforms. Maybe change the facemask to white instead of grey, but that's about it.
12. Detroit Lions: What puts the Lions so high are their colors. I've always loved watching the Lions with their silver and blue. Thankfully they've gotten rid of most of their black, but it still remains. If they would just finally get rid of all that black, the Lions would have one of the best uniforms in the league.
11: Minnesota Vikings: If it weren't for the redesign, the Vikings would have been 31 on this list. I love what they've done, going back to a simpler style. Not a fan of the black facemask or number font, but these are a great looking uniform. Add a white striped sock for the purple pants and they'd be one of the best.
10: Buffalo Bills: Another team that benefited from a good redesign a few years back. These are a beautiful set of uniforms with the striping, colors, and look at those striped socks. Gorgeous. Hopefully they get rid of that stupid neckline, and then this would be a perfect set.
9. Miami Dolphins: I've always like the Miami uniform, going with the teal and orange. Not the biggest fan of the new logo, but it isn't bad enough to make them fall. I like the use of teal and navy in the new uniforms, with orange as a small highlight color. Nike nailed it with this uniform.
8. Houston Texans: Hey Patriots, this is how to use blue and red in a uniform. Very simple, yet strong. I like the blue helmets with the blue jerseys, and I've always been a fan of color helmet, white jersey, and color pants. This might be the only team I don't hate wearing same color socks with pants. The Texans just look good.
7. Cleveland Browns: I might be the only person in the world to rank the Browns this high. Look, I absolutely love the brown and orange together, plus no other team uses it. They're original, the striping perfect, these uniforms remind me of Cleveland, Ohio. Rumor is that they will be changing it up next year, so hopefully nothing drastic happens.
6. Washington Redskins: Look, I'm going to ignore all the controversy with the name and logo. I love the logo, it looks good. Anyways, this is one of the best color combinations in the NFL. I LOVE maroon as a color, it always looks good. I am glad they brought back the yellow pants, because they just look better in them. Kudos for the pant and sock striping.
5. Green Bay Packers: Again, kudos for sticking with colors that other teams don't use. The striping is classic and always has look good. This is the only team I think could pull off a yellow helmet with out looking like crap, and it works. Plus, that logo is iconic. Can't really beat it.
4: San Fransisco 49ers: As much as I hate this team, they look pretty amazing. Glad they got rid of the black, and are sticking with the red and gold. Look, this team would be number one if it weren't for one of the most unnecessary problems to have, the shoulder stripes. They don't even bother making them look good anymore. Either get rid of them or make them look good. Other than that, still a gorgeous uniform.
3. Seattle Seahawks: Figures I'd have them here, huh? Well, when first unveiled, I hated this look. I wanted the classic Seahawks jerseys back, so I was pretty unhappy when I saw these. What I didn't realize is how freaking good they would look on the field. They didn't overdo the green, they didn't over play the grey. Now, I wish they would add grey to their blue pants (inside the "feathers" on the stripe), or just wear blue and grey pants away, but I still love this look.
2. Chicago Bears: These easily could be the best looking set in the NFL. I'm a sucker for the navy blue and orange (Broncos?) and think that they use it perfectly. Good shoulder striped, simple helmet, and sock striping on both the home and aways. This is truly one of the finest uniforms in the league, it wasn't easy putting them at number 2.
1. Kansas City Chiefs: I might get killed over this, honestly. But hear me out. The Chiefs have a gorgeous logo, and a very simple helmet style. I love the white facemask on the red helmet, especially because they prominently use red and white. Their homes are gorgeous, the perfect amount of red, white, and a little bit of yellow. I, however, like their aways that much more. The sock striping, red pants, and overall look is arguably the sharpest in the league.
Well folks, there you have it. I'm sure that many, if not all of you, disagree with me. If so, comment below or hit up the facebook page and let me know why!

For the next two weeks, updates will be very little, if not nonexistant. I'll be in the UK checking out the other football and what not, so I'll try to keep up with the pages when I can. Other than that, the Mariners are in full swing and some thoughts will be explored when I get back.