25 January 2014

8 Days.

Great vs. Great
The Seattle Seahawks are going to play the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl XLVIII. Let me say that one more time, the Seattle Seahawks are going to play the Denver Broncos for the Super Bowl. Let that sink in. Soak it up. Enjoy the moment.

Obviously the story is going to be #1 offense vs. #1 defense. Best NFC vs. best AFC. Sherman vs. Manning. "Good Guys" vs. "Villains". Regardless of what the media wants to spin this Super Bowl to be, one fact remains: It features the two best teams in football. It features a young team trying to gain their first Lombardi Trophy against a veteran team trying to get another one. It is safe to say that the first ever outdoor cold weather Super Bowl(Minneapolis, Detroit, and Indianapolis all have hosted  the big game in domes) will be one for the ages.

For me, however, this game comes bittersweet.

Literally Everyone: "Bittersweet?! HOW? The SEAHAWKS are in the SUPERBOWL!"
Marihawks: "Well yes, but remember, I grew up a Bronco fan."
LE: "So it's a WIN WIN for you! Either way you should be happy!"
M: "Yes and no."
LE: "You're stupid. Suck it up and just enjoy the game!"
M: "Well I plan on.."
LE: "Nope you're just stupid."

Yuk Yuk Yuk
Here's the deal. I've dealt with many friends from both Washington and Colorado about who I am rooting for next Sunday. And it's true, I couldn't be happier that both teams are in. It really is a dream come true.  I lived in Colorado during the Broncos' best years. I watched them change from orange to blue and win back to back Super Bowls. Then I moved to Seattle. Stayed true to the blue and orange, and for the most part ignored the Seahawks.

My family had bought season tickets to the Seahawks games for many years, so (in my mind) I got to watch more pro football while rooting on the Broncos. My dad bought me a Trent Dilfer jersey (Yeah I know, hilarious. Yuk it up) because the 12th Man wasn't too kind to the young kid rocking his Terrell Davis to Seahawks games.

John Elway Starter jersey, circa 1997
Bronco socks circa 2004
The year 2005 was my second favorite football-wise since 1997. Denver and Seattle were both in their respective league's championship games. At this point I supported the Seahawks as a hometown team, but I was Bronco fan all the way. I distinctly remember being able to watch the Bronco game but having baseball practice that night, so I couldn't watch Seattle. Denver got absolutely handled by Pittsburgh that day. Jake Plummer had a heckuva year but couldn't figure out that defense, losing two interceptions and two fumbles. Dejected, I went to practice hoping that Seattle could salvage my year. I was able to come home later that night to hear that Seattle handily beat Carolina to advance to the Super Bowl. I didn't realize it, but at that moment, everything was changing.

Seattle obviously didn't win the Super Bowl, but I became more and more interested in that team. In 2006 I saw the Broncos bench my favorite quarterback not named John Elway for my least favorite not named Phillip Rivers. Once Jay Cutler took over for Jake Plummer, I stopped caring what Denver did. And it's definitely not because Seattle was any better, both teams relatively stunk it up until 2012. Maybe I was mad Denver gave up on Plummer, maybe I was annoyed the Seahawks beat Cutler in his first game, but in the end I simply stopped caring.

The rest is history. I've switched 180 degrees. Maybe it was Denver's demotion of Plummer. Maybe it was the bandwagoners that Tebow and Manning brought to Denver (Not their faults, but annoying when the fans don't know who Champ Bailey is). Maybe, (okay definitely) it's because they've gone back to the orange uniforms. (Look, Denver and Orange work. Just not with this template.) Maybe it's because I spent so much time watching the Seahawks and learning the roster. Maybe being a part of the 12th Man for so long has affected me.

Look, I obviously have a lot of factors going on to this. Judge me. What won't change is how I will always love the Denver Broncos. They were my earliest memories. You never forget your first love, and the Denver Broncos professional football team were mine (I was a weird kid, okay?)

The Seahawks are my team. Can't really debate that with anyone. I'm a Seahawks fan and an avid supporter of the Broncos. It's as simply as that.

I'm not going to predict the score for this game, both teams are more than deserving. I'm not really going to outwardly root for one over the other. A lot of "Yay Boos" will occur on Sunday. Instead, I'm going to wear a shirt with both helmets. I'm going to spend time with family and loved ones. I'm, for the first time all season, going to sit and enjoy football as it's meant to be played. Best vs. best.

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