20 March 2013

Mariners Update! Guest Piece

Good news M's fans, we finally have some baseball stuff to talk about! As you all know, it's hard enough to follow the Mariners during the regular season from Colorado. Spring Training? Forget about it, it's nearly impossible for me to find any good, valuable, trustworthy news. So instead, my buddy Jake Garland took the initiative and gave us a great update on the Mariners Spring Training!

Alright M's fans, so we're off to a good start in spring training. The M's are boasting a 17-7 record, good for first in the Cactus League. Offensively the Mariners are leading the league in Homeruns (45) (Mike Morse leads the league with Five), RBIs (147) and Runs Scored (156). They're Sixth in Average (.285) and Seventh in hits (241). As far as pitching goes, its a whole other story. The M's are middle of the pack in every stat other than strike outs where they are Seventh with 183 in 213 innings.

What does all this mean? Absolutely nothing. Its spring training. The time for young players to prove they've got what it takes to play with the big boys and for the veterans still seeking a paycheck to prove they still have what it takes to hang. It's also the time of the year for delusional fans like myself to get my hopes up again about the Mariners being competitive again. (I do the same thing -Blake.) The Mariners have not made the playoffs since 2001 and with a revamped Angels squad it isn't going to get any easier. Despite being loaded with talented young players and a pitching rotation being led by one of the nastiest arms in the league, the M's have failed to be a threat in a weak AL west. With the questionable signings of Jason Bay (wtf were they thinking) and former Mariner Mike Morse, a guy who has been plagued by injuries. Not to mention numerous failed steroid tests and a 10 game suspension for testing positive. With all this being said, there is plenty of potential this season for the M's to make improvements on this past decade of wasted potential and horrible trades(cough cough Adam freaking Jones), but keep your guard up M's fans. If nothing else, buy the cheapest tickets you can find and go to the beer garden.

Great piece Jake, I appreciate it! Couldn't have said it better myself. Honestly, I really could not have. I had no clue about how well the Mariners are actually doing this spring, and Jake is right, we have nothing but stuff to look forward to. As he mentioned above, we have to take it with a grain of salt. The Lions were 4-0 when they lost every regular season game in 2008. But, any excitement is good for Seattle baseball fans, and we won't be disregarding it!

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Sodo Mojo 

17 March 2013

Personal Update: About the Blogger

What a crazyyyyyyyy offseason it's been so far! Percy, Cliff, and Mike? What about Welker going to Denver, or Goldson bolting for Tampa Bay? I've tried as hard as I can to wait a little longer before talking about free agency, and because there hasn't been much Mariner news, I will introduce the person writing all of these posts to you!


The name is Blake, I'm a 21 year old senior at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Anybody who knows me understands that I live and breathe football and baseball, I could talk for hours and hours about each.
I was born in New Mexico in 1991 with a football in one hand and a baseball in the other. My family moved to Colorado in 1996, the year I remember becoming an actual fan of professional sports and their teams. If anybody knows football, especially in regards to 1996-1999, the Denver Broncos were undoubtedly the best team in the NFL (Let's debate about it.) Obviously, my youth consisted of watching John Elway throw, Shannon Sharpe catch, and Terrell Davis run there way to back to back Super Bowl wins over the Packers and Falcons. It's hard to not become a fan of a successful team that young. 
In 2001 (We must have been good luck to teams where we moved to), my family moved to the beautiful state of Washington. Yes, the same year Ichiro erupted in MLB. Yes, the 116 record win year. My neighbor was a HUGE M's fan, and needless to say it rubbed off on me.
Living in the Seattle area for ten years definitely deepened my love for the Mariners. It also turned me from a die hard Bronco fan into having a small crush on the Seahawks. When Seattle moved to the NFC West in 2002, I was able to (sort-of) enjoy them more and more as time went on. My dad bought season tickets for the first six years that Seahawks Stadium Qwest Field Centurylink Field was opened. It was definitely the atmosphere of the stadium that opened me up to being a Seahawks fan. As time went on, it was harder to follow a team in Denver when everything you see and hear is Seahawks. Naturally, I began to heavily follow the Hawks.
After high school I decided to take a football scholarship in Colorado, surrounding myself with Bronco fans galore. While I enjoy being able to openly support the Broncos and talk about them, it made me miss being able to turn on the TV and see the Mariners or the Hawks playing. This move has not only strengthened my love for the Seattle teams, but has made me appreciate the Seattle fans,organizations, and the city itself. Don't get me wrong, I love the Denver Broncos. They'll always have a special place in my heart and memories. I just can't call them my team anymore. That is reserved for the Seahawks. I know the roster up and down. I've been to their games; wins and losses. I've endured SBXL refs, Jim Mora as head coach, and Charlie Whitehurst playing against Cleveland. It's safe to say I'm a loyal, die hard 12th man. 
As for the Mariners, they've never had to compete for my support. They could lose each and every game and I would still support them, even arguing that they're the best team in the league. In fact, when the came down here to Denver last year, I'm confident I was the only Mariner fan in Coors Field. Which we swept. And I can't make fun of anyone, because no one here likes baseball except me... boo.
In a nutshell, I love football and baseball. I love the city of Seattle and everything that comes with it. I love the Seahawks and the Mariners enough to blog and ramble about it. I've enjoyed watching the Sounders play and do their thing. I'm excited for the Sonics to return. I adamantly HATE the OKC Thunder Blunder. Hate the Niners. Hate every other baseball team. Give me a break on the Broncos, and I'm all Seattle all the time.

I've really enjoyed starting the blog, and hope to continue it and allow it to grow into something unique.

So there you have it, my fanship story. If you'd like to share one, message the facebook page. The coolest story, the most die-hard fan, the most appreciative memory will win the 12th Man Home Seahawks Jersey. From one 12 to another.

Sodo Mojo.

"If it were easy, everyone would do it." 
Couldn't have said it any better coach. Rest in Peace, still can't believe it's already been three years.

05 March 2013

$eahawk$ New$

I need to touch on $omething that impact$ every player in the NFL. I'm not $ure how to bring it up, but I will have to try it anyway$. Alright, I'm done with the symbols. Without being corny, we need to talk about the salaries of what I consider Seattle's most important assets. Of course I'll be talking about the skill positions, but I cannot reiterate this enough: The success of the O-line and the D-line will determine the success of this football team. A good year by both of the squads will mean another winning season.

As a former football player, I can appreciate how important both lines are. The Seahawks are not overpaying any lineman position, which is huge. It allows them to continue working with what they have, all while having the flexibility to spend on other positions. Look at the Atlanta Falcons. They had to cut RB Michael Turner, CB Dunta Robinson, and DE John Abraham. These are really good players that cost a lot of money. Seattle doesn't have that issue right now (emphasis on right now...). Now, let's compare the Hawks salaries against the NFL's premium.
Note: Numbers will reflect BASE salary for 2013, incentives not included. A few Seattle's best players are still signed to their rookie contracts, hence the small paycheck.


1. Peyton Manning, Broncos – $18,000,000
2. Michael Vick, Eagles – $12,500,000
3. Matt Ryan, Falcons – $11,500,000
Matt Flynn, Seahawks – $5,250,000
Russell Wilson, Seahawks – $526,217
The Hawks are in such a good position in terms of their quarterbacks. As I've stated many times before, Flynn is not as expensive as people have thought. While I don't agree with him making more than Wilson, that will change very soon. With Seattle's two quarterbacks making a combined $5,776,217, it provides a whole lot more cap room for other positions. Wilson makes 34% of what Manning makes and means just as much to his team. Steal? Let's keep enjoying it while we can. For those of you looking for Joe Flacco after his huge contract, check it out. From 2013-2015, he is scheduled to make $11,000,000, with only $1,000,000 in 2013. From 2016-2018, he will make $58,000,000. The rest will fall with a yearly $5,800,000 bonus and incentives.

1. Chris Johnson, Titans – $8,000,000
2. Adrian Peterson, Vikings – $8,000,000
3. Stephen Jackson, Rams – $7,000,000
(10) Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks – $4,000,000 
Marshawn is one of the better paid Hawks, ranking as the 10th richest RB for next season. Again, as much as he means to Seattle, this is a great deal. While RBs don't tend to last as long as other positions, their pay tends to reflect that. I can tell you that although Chris Johnson is an impressive RB, the Titans sure wish they didn't spend as much as they did on him. His numbers are down from his 2000 yard season. If Lynch can stay productive, the Hawks will definitely provide bonus and incentive money for Lynch.

Wide Receivers
1. Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers – $11,000,000
2. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs – $9,515,000
3. Wes Welker, Patriots – $9,515,000
(6) Sidney Rice, Seahawks – $7,000,000
Golden Tate, Seahawks – $490,000
Doug Baldwin, Seahawks – $465,000
Ben Obomanu, Seahawks – $2,000,000
Sidney Rice is Seattle's highest paid player, a choice made when the Hawks were anything but good and desperate to pick up a good free agent. While Rice hasn't lived up to the cost, last year gave hope to what he can do with a full year to produce. Tate and Baldwin are still signed to their rookie contracts, and therefore have been very affordable. Once they become free agents, however, Seattle will have to make a very difficult decision. I don't see both returning, and this upcoming year will have a lot to say who will stay in Seattle. It absolutely baffles me that Obomanu makes as much as he does, and I can confidently say he will not make that after his contract expires. 

1. Nnamdi Asomugha, Eagles – $11,000,000
2. Champ Bailey, Broncos – $8,000,000
3. Jonathan Joseph, Texans – $7,250,000
Richard Sherman, Seahawks – $465,000
Brandon Browner, Seahawks – $415,000 
We all know how I feel about these corners. What is so amazing is Pete Carroll and John Schneider's abilities to analyze talent beyond the first round. Browner was playing in the CFL, and signing him to an affordable contract was easy. Sherman is tied to his rookie contract too, and will cost Seattle a whole lot more when he re-signs. I don't see the Hawks paying premium for both, and if Browner gets a great offer elsewhere, I see him walking,

1. Ed Reed, Ravens – $7,200,000
2. Antrel Rolle, Giants - $6,750,000
3. Charles Woodson, Packers - $6,500,000
Earl Thomas, Seahawks – $1,000,000
Kam Chancellor, Seahawks – $490,000 
Thomas makes a very affordable salary for how he produces, and Kam is still tied to his rookie contract. These players are the heart and soul of this defense, and they continue to set the tone for the game. I truly believe that if you removed either Thomas or Chancellor, this defense would take a significant step backwards. Both affordable right now, both will get premium contracts in the future.

There seems to be a reoccurring theme to this post. Rookie contracts are affordable. PCJS have both proven they can find talent in the draft and get the best out of them. That's why I see the Hawks investing more into the draft than in free agency. Don't get me wrong, if they can pick up a good player for the right price, they will do so. But I don't see any Sidney Rice contracts being signed in the near future for these Hawks, they simply don't need it. 

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03 March 2013

How 'bout that Spring Training?!

Spring Training means very little, we all know this. It's like the preseason. Remember when the Detroit Lions went 0-16? They were 4-0 in the preseason. Now, I'm not comparing the 2013 Mariners to those dreadful Lions, but it is an interesting thought. 9-1, riding a 9 game winning streak is cool no matter what you're playing. The coolest thing about it, and probably the only reason I'm so excited for the next couple of months, is how the hitters are hitting the baseball. We have seen a power surge in Arizona that hasn't been seen since 1997, a pretty good Seattle team I might add.

"Now Blake," you might ask, "how are you going to prove that this isn't the same ole Mariner team. How impressive is this output?" Ahhh, so glad you asked. First and foremost, I can't prove that this isn't the same disappointing team, they tend to prove that themselves. It's a long season, roller coaster is to be expected. Most importantly, I can provide a few numbers that indicate that there is something in the water in Arizona, and they should probably bring some back up to Seattle.
Not too shabby for Seattle. While I like to see the production, it would be realllllly nice to see Smoak, Montero, and Morales start hitting more. This is a pretty important year for Smoak especially, as another subpar year could result in termination. The man is 1-9 this spring, with his only hit being his homerun mentioned earlier. Montero isn't faring much better, only going 1-7 so far. This is why I appreciate the comments and feedback! Being in Colorado, I'm not able to see the games or hear many news, and I have to rely on outside sources. I couldn't have been more wrong about Smoak or Montero, as they are hitting 8-15 and 7-14, respectively. I would love to see these guys continue their hot hitting, as they are the future of this ball club.Morales will be given more slack from me, but he was an Angel, and we all know Angels tend to be in Seattle. (Chone Figgins, anyone?)

I am pleasantly surprised by Bay and Gutierrez, and if they can continue producing, I see good things happening for the M's! Bay is guaranteed $1 million from the M's, with $2 million if he becomes a regular starter. For the money, it seems like a low-risk high-reward type situation. While I would like to see Casper Wells take the LF position, if Bay is out playing him, I see no problem with it. Win-win! Guti just needs to stay healthy. He has always proven he can play the position with the best in the MLB, brother just needs to hit the ball better and put his speed to use. I see this being a very productive year for him.

That's it for tonight, I was trying to see how well I could insert a spreadsheet, as I plan on using more statistics as this blog continues to grow. I'm debating on talking about the Seahawks contract issues, especially with Flacco signing his new deal, but I will probably wait until the draft to do so. The Mariners contract issues are much crazier, as baseball tends to be. I will, however, try to talk about the bigger and more important ones soon.

Speaking of Flacco, I read a very, very interesting fact. Out of all the $100 million contracts given out in the NFL, Brett Favre made the most at the end. He only ended up with $56 million. Ridiculous number, but it shows that the NFL is shifting towards less guaranteed money and more incentive based contracts. Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

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