09 April 2014

The Seahawks "Terrible" Offseason

We couldn't sign Jared Allen. We couldn't keep Golden Tate. Red Bryant and Chris Clemons moved to Florida, while Walter Thurmond III went to New York. Seattle's offseason is turning into the Raven's of last year!

Or nah.

Super Bowl champion teams lose a lot of players the following offseason, that's how it works. Teams try to fill up on as many successful cogs in hopes of taking some of that mojo the champs had. Many teams are unsuccessful in returning back to the Super Bowl, as re-signings and free agency take a toll on the roster. Seattle has a different situation, in large due to great rookie contracts. Unfortunately, those rookie contracts are coming up, and players need to be paid.

Biggest loss:
WR Golden Tate - (Free Agent) Signed with Detroit Lions
  • I liked Golden Tate. He was a play maker who could return kicks well. After saying he would take a "Pay Cut" he turned around and signed a five-year, $31 million deal. 
  • First off, Seattle didn't offer anything near that, and absolutely nobody would take an $11 million cut anywhere. 
  • Second, Detroit paid that much money for a guy who only caught  64 receptions for 900 yards and 5 TDs. While the offenses differ, Seattle has never been a pass happy team.
  • Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, some guy named Percy Harvin, and Zach Miller are all more than capable of picking up those extra 5 TDs.
Other Notable Losses:
DT Clinton McDonald - (FA) Signed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
CB Walter Thurmond - (FA) Signed with New York Giants
DE Red Bryant - (Cut) Signed with Jacksonville Jaguars
DE Chris Clemons - (Cut) Signed with Jacksonville Jaguars
OT Breno Giacomini - (FA) Signed with New York Jets
CB Brandon Browner - (FA) Signed with New England Patriots

These losses represent a loss in depth, one of Seattle's biggest keys to dominating so many teams. Fresh players are able to do just a little more than tired players, obviously. McDonald, Clemons, and Bryant will all be missed, but players like Bruce Irvin, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, among others, are licking their chops at the additional snaps they will have. Browner was gone after his suspension, while Thurmond was another oft-injured or suspended player. Both really good, but both didn't play as much as they'd like. Jeremy Lane and Byron Maxwell will have no problem.

Biggest Win:
DE Michael Bennett: Resigned!
  • Signed a four-year, $28.5 million contract to stay in Seattle. 
  • Arguably the most important D-Lineman last year, especially towards the end of the season. 
Other Notable Wins:
WR Chris Matthews - Played in CFL last year
WR Taylor Price - Played for Jacksonville Jaguars last year
CB Phillip Adams - Played for Oakland Raiders last year
K Steven Hauschka - Resigned!
Head Coach Pete Carroll - Contact Extended!

Matthews is a big receiver (Sidney Rice or Mike Williams -esque) who will get a chance to compete. Price is athletically gifted, but has battled injuries. Adams was cut by Seattle in 2012, had a great 2012 year in Oakland before getting injured last year. We already know about Carroll and Hauschka, both huge keys to the 2013 success.

"We lost big names and signed a bunch of nobody's! Why shouldn't we be worried?"
If you had to name the three most important players on the Seahawks, who would you name? If you named anybody but Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, or Russell Wilson, thanks but try again. This offseason has been focused on signing Earl Thomas to a nice extension that will keep him in Seattle for quite some time. Rumors are that Richard Sherman is even in negotiations, which would be absolutely huge. If Seattle was able to extend both contracts, and thus keep the defensive heart and soul alive, the entire 2015 post season can be focused on Russ.

No big contracts have been given out because they need the money to extend the necessary contracts. Players like Browner, Thurmond, Bryant, and Clemons come and go. They're all very talented, but there are plenty of good CBs and DEs. Players like Earl, Sherm, and Russ are rare. Seattle is focused on keeping them.

So no. Don't be worried about this offseason. With the draft coming up Seattle is poised to continue their streak of excellence. Don't lie, you had your doubts about Byron Maxwell, Jermaine Kearse, and even Malcolm Smith. Pete Carroll is able to find players that fit. He has proven it time and time again.

So Seahawk fans, relax. We aren't the Baltimore Ravens of last year. Trust that Earl and Sherm get their contracts (hopefully) soon, and go watch some 5-2 Mariners baseball.

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